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Well so much for my 'relief' week.

My Atopic Dermatitis is back again, theoretically the shot I applied myself lasts for 21 days, but I knew (don't ask me how, I just knew) that my eczema, severe as it is, would only be held back 1 week, tops.

Now I'm not sooo bad but I might get to that stage again soon. Hell, even had to refuse an invite to go to the cinema with my friends. Last week I went with three girls from College (well now they're doctors like me) and saw the famous/infamous Brokeback Mountain. I loved it, I've had my share of alternative parties so that I don't feel uncomfy about seeing two guys kissing each other (though the idea of me doing it makes me thing 'ewwww'). I loved the movie because it transmitted the idea of love, pure love between two people in a way only my second favourite movie of all time, The English Patient, did, IMHO. My favourite movie of all time is Vanilla Sky, but for more personal (self identification) reasons, not for romance.

Anyway, hope I manage to get through it all over again. I know I will, I just hope I handle it the best I can.

For anyone interested in Atopic Dermatitis / Eczema in terms of its effects on people's quality of life, I have posted a great article about it here. Don't worry, you can understand it, just skip the medical yada yada part ;)

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