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Not again....

Will the Mortal Kombat parodies ever stop?

World of Warcraft at Level 60 Gameguide

If you're bored 'cos you reached level 60 at WoW and don't know what to do with your ultra-powerful character anymore, read the new guide released by Gamespy, it's very good.

Link: WoW at Level 60 guide.

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Microsoft remains pathetic

Microsoft's patch to allow Xbox 360 gamers to play Xbox1's Tom Clancy games fugged up Halo 2 widescreen, then they tried to fix it with another patch and it killed backwards compatibility for all games.

Reminds you of some OS?

Read: Patch renders Xbox games unplayable on 360


Two great Firefox extensions from Google

Just too good to ignore:

- Blogger Web Comments for Firefox - see backlinks from other sites on the blog you are viewing and make a post on your own blog (if it's on blogspot) without getting out of the page.

- Google Safe Browsing for Firefox - alerts against possible phising and spoofing pages while you are surfin' da Web.

PS: The last one is available just for US residents. To install it if you are outside, go to and enter the URL

Nintendo Revolution Teaser


Ok, it's nice, creative, I liked it a lot.

But if this is a sign that even Nintendo is adhering to the 'radical MTV-skater gamer' image that the lame Microsoft has done with the Xbox 360, the gaming world is doomed.

Update: people were doubting this so I asked my friend (who sent me the pic) where he got it. So he showed me the source - check it out.

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