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Opera Web Browser on Nintendo Wii and DS Lite

It's official: Opera will release versions of its browsers for Nintendo DS Lite and the upcoming Nintendo Wii console.

Check out some screens for the DS Lite Versions:

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I want a Freeware Utility to...

Check out this excellent link. Since I use a Mac I cannot say if it's very up to date or not.

Metal Gear Solid 4 trailers

Me likes Playstation ;)

I gathered all the trailers Konami released about Metal Gear Solid for Playstation 3, including the one announced yesterday which is VERY funny:

This is the original trailer:

This one is awesome, almost a mini documentary on Metal Gear Solid 4:



My admission at the hospital has not come up yet, and I really need it (if you want to see a really gross picture of me after a scratching crisis, click on the thumbnail to the right.

My dear, dear friend saw my state and started a campaign for me and raised some funds so I could pay up some debts and my meds, and I was so moved... Wish I could help her 'back', but I know I will when I get better.

If you want to help me, there are ways...

1) Using the paypal button at the right sidebar to donate anything you feel like;

2) Signing up to Dreamhost, Bluehost or IXWebhosting using one of these links (of course, if you need a website - anyway, x10hosting offers great plans for free, but the most advanced plans requires you to put their ads).

3) If you need a domain, please use this link for - I host my domains there (because they accept Paypal, and my only income comes from Paypal via Dreamhost) and I like their prices.

4) Well, if you need or know someone who needs a Portuguese / English translator or vice-versa, I can be your guy. I can also provide support for Wordpress installations, plugins and themes.

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Blue Security Attacks... again.

Well after receiving the following message 100 times today:

'Dear Blue Frog Member,

As a follow-up to our previous emails, and, as promised, we are stepping up in the fight against Blue Security.

The Blue Frog member email database has been compromised, and is currently being distributed worldwide to spammers and to the public. Attached to this email, you will find a zip file of the Blue Frog database, which includes your own personal or business email address(es). If you have not uninstalled Blue Frog yet, we highly suggest you do so now in order to avoid your involvement in this war any further.

Leaving your email address on the Blue Frog list is a risky choice, as we will uphold our promise not only to increase your spam by 20 times the amount you are receiving now, but to continue to make this list publically available as well. Also, as the Blue Frog member database is updated, we will find more creative ways in which to use it, and frequently release it to whomever we wish.

Blue Security, Inc'

I am putting up a banner here, soon I'll place it in the sidebar:

Why do popular websites seem to bring out the worst in people?

Take a look at this article I posted at my Newsvine page.

It generated interesting comments.

What are your impressions about that?

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Can Anyone Make Money from Blogs?

An excellent read if you are planning to do that (I have had very limited results, been trying for 6 months due to inability to work as a doctor):

Read the full article @

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Testing Flock

This post is just to test Flock Web Browser's blog posting feature.

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A Better 'Better Digg Blookmarklet'

A reader, Arphen Lin submitted this bookmarklet that, for convenience, opens digg's page in a new window when you click on it:

So, drag this new one to your browser toolbar:

digg it!

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Can you believe this?

'The most striking thing from this article may be that 20% of Americans think that the Sun goes around the Earth. Of course, fully 50% of the world's population believes that, so this is not terribly surprising.'

Oh, the humanity... lol.

This is from an NY Times article that is now paid, but luckily somone has copied it to his weblog.

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