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Why are the Japanese so God damned weird? I descend from them and from Netherlanders (I am pretty sure this is not the correct word but I don't know how to call a person from Netherlands in English).

UPDATE: Hey I guessed right! w00t!

But, back to the point... Watch this freakin' video:

Hi from Paris!

I just found your blog. I'm so sorry to hear about the atopic dermatitis. It sounds really difficult. Are you trying any new treatments?

I have always thought Japanese culture was so completely different I would never understand it. This video confirms it. What were they thinking?!? I mean really what was going on in their heads when they planned and made this video? I can't even begin to imagine!

I'll keep coming back to check on you.
Hey cricket.

I've tried everything, man, even 'mystical' stuff. Alopathy (traditional medicine) has been ruled out, I've been treating myself for years, since it was much lighter, with the top guy here, which knows as much as the top guy anywhere in traditional Dermatology (and me, I read all articles I can).

There was never a cure anyway, it's kinda like psoriasis in some ways. Only control, no cure. But in skin conditions, control is harder than 'internal' diseases.

Thanks for your kind words.
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