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Dreamhost Promo Codes

Dreamhost has just quadrupled their Disk space and octupled Bandwidth allowance! Check out their incredible plans clicking here:

Dreamhost is offering 4x its normal webspace and 8x the bandwidth
And use the following codes to get discounts (in the fifth page of the signup form, valid for all yearly and bi-early plans):

DREAM80 - save $80 off any 1 or 2-year plan (I get $17).
DREAM85 - save $85 off any 1 or 2-year plan (I get $12).
DREAM90 - save $90 off any 1 or 2-year plan (I get $7).

So, imagine having 20 GIGABYTES of space, 1 TERABYTE of bandwidth and the whole unlimited domains and subdomains package, including full PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails support and et cetera paying less than 40 dollars for a whole year if you use the DREAM80 code. A little more than 3 dollars per month.

Why all those codes? Because I have a sad story and could use some help (I'm a 28-year old doctor who has not been able to work this whole year - or even get out of my house - because of a severe case of Atopic Dermatitis, also known as eczema). You can see my story in this blog. I guarantee that if you search on google images for 'atopic dermatitis', you are likely to be impressed with the state these people's - and mine - skin can get.

Nevertheless, I hope the codes are useful for you.

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