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$tre$$ed Out

As you all know, I need money. Seriously.
I don't know what to do anymore. Did some Wordpress theme design (I like it but not that much, put Google Adsense all over my pages, Brazilian and English, became affiliate of other sites, sold copies of gadgets which I imported from Amazon that people without international cards can't get here, like World of Warcraft (this game really sells here). Nothing really helped me a lot, with all the fuggin expenses on meds and the bank loan that I have to pay every month. I got like 10 dollars outta Google Ads and my sites combined have 500-1000 page views, seems nobody clicks in them. Well I do know that I never click on ads when I surf the web.

Maybe setting up a Brazilian version of the Urban Dictionary? I love that site.

Wish I had brilliant idea like the Million Dollar Home Page dude. Now THAT was pure genius.

Ok another try: Send me One Million FREE Guaranteed Visitors

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