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I Still...

...suffer so much from this stupid disease.

I´m afraid my great relationship may end because of this. We were to travel last weekend, did not, I was bad (just for a change).

She´s going to the Dermatologists´ scientific Journey tomorrow and I didn´t want to see her because I´m all fugged up, at the time we talked I did not even remember that.

What can be done? I thought about becoming a virtual bum and make a site like ineedmoney dot something but it would be too lame.

Yesterday I was fixing a Mac Mini (what a beautiful little thingie) at my friend´s marketing agency and I started to scratch and bleed like hell. I don´t even wanna go out while I´m prone to that, just went there because he asked me to.

So here I am. A doctor, a Wordpress webdesigner (see my last work) once in a while, someone who can barely get out of home and is suffering and make everybody around suffer too. Damn atopic dermatitis. Damn eczema, damn scratching my skin till it bleeds.

I suck. Big time.

´Sometimes I fall
And I feel like
I don´t know the way.

Say if you can it´s ok
Just like you said
Way then.´

(Just Like You Said - Seal)

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