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Get $80 off Dreamhost web hosting!

Dreamhost is the best web hosting solution I've found, with attractive prices even without discounts. Now you can get $80 off any 1 or 2 year package via my promo code, since now they allow members to refer other people with big discounts!

1) Go to Dreamhost
2) Choose any 1 or 2 year plan (monthly plans have a 50 USD setup fee, not worth it!)
3) Use the promo code DREAM80 when signing up, in step 5
4) You're done!

Their starter plan has 4800 MB of space, 120Gb of monthly bandwidth, unlimited mySQL databases, PHP, Perl, CGI support, Ruby on Rails, 600 emails, 3 domains (with 1 free!) and 15 subdomains. And their prices are awesome.

I don't really know how long they'll let us users give discounts, get yours as soon as you can.

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