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So what?

So what If I have been sick and unable to work for almost 5 months now?

So what if my car was stolen just in this time of need?

So what if I am taking bank loans to pay previous bank loans?

So what if I had to learn a lot about Wordpress and PHP so I could (try to) get some jobs and earn some money off the net, since the economy here's been so down, nobody wants to pay sh*t for translations (and I'm a damn good medical and literary English-Portuguese translator)?

So what if I am bleeding a lot now after a severe scratch episode, the third one today?

I will solve my problems, even if my atopic eczema goes on and on. I just know it.

And what makes me believe this is one fact only: I have found love. Except for one girl a long time ago, I could never hold my interest in someone for more than 1 week, 1 month tops. And now I've found my love.

There is so much truth in the popular old sayings. I get impressed sometimes.

By the way, Aug. 4th was my birthday - here's a pic of the party.

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