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Webmail reviews

PCMag did a review on the main webmail services, now that there are more competitors around, the relatively new Gmail and the newer AIM Mail.

My fav, Yahoo! Mail, which I pay for the Plus services (19.99 USD/yr, attachments of up to 20Mb, 2Gb storage, ability to receive and send mail from your other POP3 accounts), got the best marks.

Check 'em here:

June 22 PC Mag reviews:

AIM Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail.

Check out this site I found on - - it has links to some featured, possibly imaginary, AIM Blogs for people with free AIM Mail accounts.

Two of the blogs, & both have their own separate websites, too. lol, both sites are totally worth a look :)
Thanks! I'll take a look there.
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