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The news scare me.

I don't know why people read the newspaper everyday, I think they just want to get themselves (more) depressed.

I read it on a 3-5 day basis (depending on my skin condition, will to do active things, many days this stupid condition makes me wanna stay in bed all day because of the itch-scratch-bleed-pain cycle or surf the good ol' net) - but fact is, everytime I read it, it makes me sad:

- My soccer team (São Paulo) won the South America cup, effectively being classified for the FIFA World Club Championship. Cool huh? Yeah, but after the game a LOT of fans caused rampage and vandalism in my city's most beautiful avenue, Av. Paulista.

- One Corinthians (another big team here) fan was killed by two other Corinthians fans just because he was going to the game with some São Paulo-supporter friends. The two guys just got off a motorbike and shot the poor fellow twice for being 'aligned with the enemy'.

- One daily worker was yelled at and then ignored by our MAYOR because he complaint that his daughter's daycare center is now closing earlier than in the previous administration. The mayor called him, in loud voice, an ally of the party of the previous one (even though the worker guy said he always voted for the actual mayor) and then turned his back, completely ignoring him, in front of the press.

- The most prestigious luxury store in my city and the whole Latin America (sells every fashion brand you can imagine at ridiculous prices, Gucci, Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, etc) was recently discovered to have owners who seemingly like to practice tax evasion as a regular hobby.

And that was just yesterday's paper.

I guess if we had a scandal like the Watergate one, which generated movies and all kinds of discussion for years among American people, it would get at most a note in the newspaper here.

Today's paper is right beside me, but I think I'll just read the Car part and maybe the Sports one.

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