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Blue Security Attacks... again.

Well after receiving the following message 100 times today:

'Dear Blue Frog Member,

As a follow-up to our previous emails, and, as promised, we are stepping up in the fight against Blue Security.

The Blue Frog member email database has been compromised, and is currently being distributed worldwide to spammers and to the public. Attached to this email, you will find a zip file of the Blue Frog database, which includes your own personal or business email address(es). If you have not uninstalled Blue Frog yet, we highly suggest you do so now in order to avoid your involvement in this war any further.

Leaving your email address on the Blue Frog list is a risky choice, as we will uphold our promise not only to increase your spam by 20 times the amount you are receiving now, but to continue to make this list publically available as well. Also, as the Blue Frog member database is updated, we will find more creative ways in which to use it, and frequently release it to whomever we wish.

Blue Security, Inc'

I am putting up a banner here, soon I'll place it in the sidebar:

there is a great post (in hebrew) regarding Blue Security here:
If you or anyone could translate, I'd be more than happy to put it here, poiting to the source of course.

Pity I cannot read Hebrew. Such beautiful characters ;)
Sorry I can't help you with the Hebrew.

But I am very happy to see that you are being discouraged in continuing the honourable battle.

We shall prevail!
C'mon, these spammers are complete idiots if they can even think they can intimidate many users with this kinda threat ;)
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